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Cross Connection Inspections

A cross connection is any possible connection between a potable water system and a source of contamination. Many municipalities require cross connection control inspections every few years, and that's where we come in.

Mike The Plumber 01, LLC is a fully certified cross connection inspector that'll make sure your backflow preventers are installed where they're needed and are in full working order. Our impressive workmanship, our attention to detail, and our competitive rates are just a few of the reasons why we're the go-to inspectors in the local area.

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Free Quotes on Cross Connection Inspection Services

When you get in touch with us, we'll schedule your cross connection inspection at the earliest convenience and at a time that best suits you. We make sure to keep out of your way while we conduct this mandatory inspection for you with minimal disruption to your business or building activities.

During our consultation, we'll provide you with a free written quote that outlines the overall cost and timeline of the work. We make sure to provide you with honest and transparent pricing from the get-go. Rest assured our inspections are thorough, and our prices are very competitive.

Comprehensive Cross Connection Water Inspections

From top to bottom, Mike The Plumber 01, LLC will be sure to conduct a full inspection of your building's plumbing system and take note of everything in order to bring you back a report. Our comprehensive inspection services include:

  • Free Written Quotes
  • A Trained and Certified Inspector
  • A Wealth of Knowledge in Backflow Prevention Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Tools
  • Competitive Prices on Inspection and Testing

If ever you need any clarification on what our cross connection inspections involve, our highly qualified staff will be glad to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

A Fully Certified Cross Connection Control Inspector

At Mike The Plumber 01, LLC, we are fully certified and extensively trained to be able to conduct cross connection inspections to ensure the local public water supply is well-protected and contaminant-free. We'll efficiently examine your building's plumbing system to eliminate, monitor, and prevent cross connected areas from allowing backflow.

Trust us to do a full cross connection inspection, and we'll make sure your building's plumbing is fully up to code and adheres to all regional bylaws.

Thorough and Reliable Cross Connection Backflow Inspections

When you hire us for the job, you get an in-depth and comprehensive inspection that truly checks all the boxes, without cutting any corners and without sacrificing quality for speed. We take the public's safety to heart, and that means that we take our job very seriously, each and every time.

With us, your commercial building will be cleared and in no time at all. Once we've finished, you won't need another one for at least a few years.

Mike The Plumber 01, LLC: The Cross Connection Inspection Experts

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